Additional Support

ARC assists doctoral candidates on all aspects of the dissertation process in addition to conducting professional business analytics for small business owners and corporate executives. We pride ourselves on undertaking a fully customised, deeply collaborative approach to meeting all our clients’ individual preferences and needs. We help students prepare for their dissertations by assisting with Coursework and with preparing for  Qualifying Exams. Upon completion of your dissertation, we are available to provide professional Academic Editing and could assist with preparing your dissertation for Journal Publication. For all aspects of your dissertation process, we offer personalised Thesis Coaching services to help you quickly obtain Topic Approval, breeze through the Research Ethics Application, and fully prepare for your Final Defense. We can even assist with planning and organizing your data collections process.

ARC’s statistical consulting team assists professional clients across a wide variety of sectors on conducting complex business analyses. 

Whether you need to build a statistical or algorithmic model to predict future stock market performance, implement and analyse a full clinical trial experiment for healthcare research, or develop customised performance metrics for your specific industry niche, ARC has got you covered. Learn more about our comprehensive Business Statistics services for large organisations and small businesses alike.



Comprehensive thesis coaching services including topic selection consultations, research ethics committee coaching & support, and practise sessions for your upcoming PhD viva.


Seeking to get published? ARC can prepare your dissertation for publication, help identify scholarly journals, and address all revision requests until your submission is 100% approved.


Need to analyse your business? ARC performs expert statistical analyses for many business sectors – Economics, Finance, Biostatistics, Casinos & Gaming, and more!


Not sure where to start or exactly what help you need? No problem! ARC can serve as your mentor, guide, and dissertation writing expert – all in one!

Need additional support for your dissertation? ARC is by your side.