Comprehensive Exam

Many universities require students to pass a Comprehensive Exam prior to commencing the beginning stages of the dissertation process. The Comprehensive Exam takes place following the completion of all your Coursework. The purpose of the Comprehensive Exam is to test a learner’s ability to synthesise research content at the doctoral level. The questions posed by the Comprehensive Exam are often designed to assist you with identifying a viable topic for your dissertation; as such, the exam is typically geared toward the key aspects of doctoral research, including the literature review and development of methodological and theoretical frameworks.  The exam may also include one or more questions designed to test your understanding of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, and may additionally contain questions that require you to perform an actual doctoral-level statistical analysis. The Comprehensive Exam is most often structured as a take-home, written test, with some universities also requiring an oral defence presentation to your department chair or PhD committee. To assist with completing your Comprehensive Exam, we can accommodate the strictest deadlines as needed. Our goal in providing support for the Comprehensive Exam is to help you to obtain the approvals that you need to proceed with the remainder of your doctoral research. From start to finish throughout the doctoral research and dissertation process, ARC has got you covered!



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