From the very beginning of your dissertation process, and even during the admissions process where you may need to present a research proposal explaining the significance of your chosen research topic and choice of PhD supervisors, ARC is here to provide the unique PhD support that you need. We know that time is of the essence when it comes to completing your doctoral programme. Setting aside the obvious intrinsic value of the learning process, the whole point of embarking upon an advanced degree programme is to graduate! We take pride in offering comprehensive doctoral assistance to enable you to meet all your loftiest academic goals. What’s more, we can assist with every single step of your dissertation journey. We take a deeply collaborative and persevering approach to client service, paying careful attention to your specific requirements and needs. We complete all needed revisions at no extra charge until you obtain 100% approval from your department chair or PhD committee.

In the case of UK, many academic doctoral programmes such as PhD and DPhil require research proposals for admissions and funding considerations. ARC is a leading companion not only when it comes to increasing your chances of admissions, but also on having the clarity to confidently pursue a research topic that will impress your PhD supervisor. If you are struggling to identify a right supervisor for you, we can help in this regard as well, given our familiarity with recent developments and publications in virtually all major research areas.

So don’t waste time dithering over coursework or ethics committee approvals, or struggling to devise a topic that blows your university supervisor’s mind! Your dissertation journey is just starting – let’s lead with your best foot forward. ARC can help you to make a strong first impression on your PhD committee and set your doctoral study finally in motion!


Total support for all your dissertation needs… 

ARC provides customised guidance and comprehensive project support for all your dissertation needs. Even before you start on your actual dissertation, in the pre-dissertation phase, ARC can help with completing your Coursework and any exam preparation including oral examinations. Furthermore, we work with many doctoral candidates to provide personalised coaching for topic selection and Topic Approval. The pre-dissertation process is a learning and planning phase designed to equip you with all the requisite tools for doctoral research. Our main objective during this phase is to help you prepare for the full dissertation process by identifying an appropriate research focus for your study and ensuring your proposed study targets a compelling research gap.  Our professional academic consultations are personalised to meet your goals and needs, and include expert guidance to select and defend your proposed research topic. In cases where you need university approval for research involving human subjects, ARC can also assist you with attaining approval on Research Ethics Applications. Learn more about ARC’s customised Thesis Coaching services and our full-service Dissertation Consulting practice.

In accordance with your deadlines…

We are truly a global presence, with our clients residing in all continents. ARC is available to provide customised support — 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days a year. We are capable of meeting almost any deadline, no matter how pressing! When it comes to completing your dissertation journey, we know that time = money. No time to waste – let’s get to work!

Completely confidential…

At the very beginning of the consultation process, we provide all prospective clients with a Non-Disclosure Agreement. The NDA is provided as an assurance of confidentiality for all our work together. We guarantee your personal information and all materials that you provide will be treated as strictly private and not shared with any third parties no matter the circumstances. As a firm, we take the privacy of your work very seriously.

Until final approval!

No matter where you are in your dissertation journey, ARC can work with you to secure the dissertation approvals that you need. We comprehensively assist with all aspects of Thesis Research and complete all needed revisions until you obtain 100% approval from your PhD supervisor and university committees. We even provide customised coaching for your Oral Examination if you are required to pass an oral examination such as a PhD viva. When you are all done, ARC can still help you to pursue Journal Publication for your completed doctoral study. If you are just getting started on your dissertation, we can put you on track to graduate within 10-12 months. We are relentless until we can finally refer to you as Doctor!

Whether you have yet to hone in on a specific research area or have already begun your dissertation project, ARC’s team of academic specialists is here to help. We take pride in keeping our collective “finger on the pulse” to stay current on all the hottest techniques & trends in PhD research. Our subject-matter experts can help you to identify a research gap for your project, or can provide you with crucial support to keep your dissertation project moving forward in the right direction. Read on below to learn more about our cutting-edge expertise in some of the industries and disciplines that we cover.

ARC works with a diverse range of doctoral candidates from across the globe including the United Kingdom. Our team consists of PhD consultants, editors & writers – many of whom are current or former professors or talented graduate students – from the most prestigious academic institutions across Europe and the United States.


ARC assists students pursuing graduate degrees in Business (including MBA, PhD, and DPhil Finance and Management type degrees) with cutting-edge graduate-level and doctoral research in Business, Leadership & Management focus areas. We utilise a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods to study topics such as how to improve company or organisational structure and how data science can be better applied to influence business decisions. Much of our research is centred on the emergence of technology and potential uses of big data. Our clients’ key research areas include Advanced Data Analytics, Corporate Governance, Organisational Leadership, and Enterprise Scalability.

ARC assists students taking MSc/PhD/MPhil/DPhil programmes covering a wide variety of topics in the field of Criminology. Our doctoral research in this area frequently focuses on cybercrime, forensic analysis, socioeconomic factors, spatiotemporal patterns of crime and recidivism, and government-sponsored drug policies and initiatives. Our clients, especially those exploring areas other than forensics, often build their research gaps by gathering data directly from corrections officers, chaplains, counsellors, or prison wardens.

ARC frequently assists BEd, MA/MEd/MPhil, and PhD/EdD/DPhil students with completing dissertation studies in Education. Our research for clients often focuses on academic outcomes and methodologies to improve educational performance. A very common approach for these studies is to utilise qualitative methods, including interviews and focus group surveys, to explore the experiences and perceptions of school counsellors, educators, parents, and even students. For quantitative studies, a popular research methodology is a research design that utilises academic outcomes data (e.g. grade point averages, test scores) for the purpose of developing inferences regarding the potential for improvements in academic performance. We frequently assist Education clients with researching how factors such as race, special education needs, and community college schooling impact the quality of education received.

ARC assists BSc, MSc/MPhil, PhD/DPhil students with graduate and doctoral studies of Informatics and Information Sciences. The advent of cloud computing and technology-driven business solutions has created space for many viable research topics in this field. In particular, many of our clients are exploring how data and security systems can be improved for the purpose of enhancing governmental or organisational infrastructure in a variety of sectors.

ARC works with BNurs/BSc, MNurs/MSc, and DNurs/PhD students to complete their graduate- and doctorate studies. Many of our nursing clients focus their doctoral research on practice-oriented topics, with the aim of developing useful research for the benefit of practitioners working in clinical and hospital settings. We assist with many Doctoral Projects, which often require either an evaluation of existing measures for the purpose of evaluating a healthcare quality improvement project; the designing of a staff intervention to improve nurses’ and the hospital staff’s knowledge; or the development of stronger clinical guidelines to improve the standard of care.

ARC works with many BA/BSc, MSc, DClinPsy, and PhD students on their graduate-level and doctoral studies. We specialise in all areas of Psychology and the Behavioural Sciences, and frequently assist with studies related to every aspect of human behaviour including clinical issues, cognitive development, developmental delays, experimental psychology, psychological health, neuropsychology, and more! ARC’s top-notch statistical consulting team is capable of demystifying any psychometric survey data, and our industry-leading qualitative analysis team utilises a variety of research methodologies to comprehensively analyse all aspects of human behaviour.

ARC assists BA/BSc, MA/MSc, MPA, DPA, and PhD students with their Public Administration studies. Many of our clients’ dissertation studies are focused on how public experiences or perceptions can be applied to drive improvements in organisational or health policy, often within the military. Our research for clients encompasses all aspects of Public Administration, including issues related to the advancement of organisational, administrative, and policy sciences, in both governmental and business settings.

ARC has assisted students undertaking BSc/MSc/MPH/DrPH/PhD degrees to complete their advanced-level studies. Our Public Health research touches on a variety of current issues related to biostatistics, health economics, environmental health, global health, epidemiology, and pharmacology. We utilise cutting-edge qualitative research methods and advanced quantitative statistical analysis tools.

ARC provides custom support to students undertaking BTh, MTh, and DTh degree programmes as well as other MA, MSc, MPhil, PhD, DPhil type Theology degrees to complete their advanced-level research studies. ARC’s research for our Theology clients often focuses on the ways academic research from other disciplines, such as Business or Education, can be applied to catalyse improvements in religious organisations. Our organisation is quite mindful that the ultimate goal of studies in Theology revolves around addressing the dissonance that exists between the findings of traditional science and teachings of the Bible.

ARC supports students undertaking BSc, MSc and PhD programmes to complete their degree programmes in Applied and Theoretical Statistics. ARC’s in-house statistical consulting team specialises in all aspects of statistical analysis related to big data and machine learning, clinical trials, causal inference (via structural equation modelling), genomics, spatial epidemiology, and survival analysis. At ARC, we take particular pride in the rigour and depth of our statistical research. We are adept at both conducting applied and theoretical statistical analyses and explaining the underlying constructs and theories.



Overloaded with coursework? ARC can help. We provide customised and total support for all dissertation coursework in accordance with your PhD syllabi and specific course deadlines.


Nervous about passing oral exams in front of your PhD committee? Don’t be! ARC can assist you in completing any take-home portions and ensure that your preparation is perfect with our individualised coaching sessions for oral exams including any topic defence or PhD viva.


ARC conducts customised coaching for topic selection & admissions approval, plus we complete your topic approval paper, oral examinations, PhD supervisor selection, research ethics applications, dissertation research plan, etc. – whatever you call it!


Stuck on revisions? Got a deadline? No problem! We work great under pressure and always complete all needed revisions at no extra charge until you obtain 100% approval. Complete pre-disso support!