The third chapter (Chapter 3) of the dissertation presents the method by which a researcher collects and analyses data for the study to be carried out. I undertook this step after several engagements with both my tutors and the writers from Approval Ready Consulting. Despite several reviews and corrections of remarks figured, this team stood by my side throughout, and for that, I salute their patience. The teams’ close attention to details helped me spot necessary clarifications as far as chapter three is concerned. Notably, this section provides a clear enough picture of what will be done to allow readers to evaluate the validity of the study conclusions or emulate research strategies in another setting.
One review from my assistant reviewer from this company by the name Solomon outlined that this chapter should begin with reiterating the “Purpose of the Study” and the guiding questions or hypotheses described in Chapter 1. Seemingly, this information influenced the subsequent development of tiny sections such as identifying characteristics of participants of the study, how they were selected, and the setting of the study. When it came to the instrumentation section, the tools or instruments that might be important for readers to understand (assessment instruments, surveys, interview formats, observation protocols, and data collection devices)-this team designed it entirely.
So far, my data collection procedures, methodology, and data analysis were developed to precision. More detailed information was expounded here describing the analytic strategies I intended to employ and a rationale for their use to the degree that I expected for my readers. Many regards are passed to this team for the perfection of the methods of “data cleaning” and refinement, categorisation schemes and how they were developed, data transformations, statistical tests, and checks on the validity and generalizability of conclusions. Finally, the limitations of my proposed study were well articulated to inform my readers about the shortcomings of my present research.